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Apply for staff to become a WatchDog on Discord Servers Portal™/The Language Zone™
Before you fill out the form below, make sure you meet our requirements:

• Your Discord account must've 2FA(Two Step-Verification) enabled.
• You must be a member of our server for more than 45 days.
• You must've a clean record of mutes/warnings on our server.
• You must've "!rank - 5000 Server score" on DSP™ / "!rank - Level 15" on TLZ™.
• You have to have a positive attitude to guide new/old members.
• You need to have another motivation than just banning people.
• You have to be active enough to help moderating the server.
(Please do not apply if you do not meet our requirements)
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Please answer the following questions in your application below:
• Why do you want to become a staff member on our server?
• Why should we hire you over the others?
• How will you help our server?

**Note: The more souped up your application is, the higher chance there is to be selected.
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• How will i know if I am selected?
You will receive a DM from the server owner "iG0d" if you're selected.
(we reserve the right to deny anyone's staff application for any reason we see fit, with or without any explanations.)

• How long will it take to process my application?
1 week

• What role will I be given if I am chosen?
You will be given "Trainee Staff" role if you got selected.

• If I am selected to be "Trainee Staff", does that mean I will become WatchDog at the end?
The answer is NO. It depends on how you perform as a trainee. If you outperformed over the other candidates you might be picked over the others.

• What is the difference between "Trainee Staff" & "WatchDogs"?
"Trainee Staff" is a pre staff role with no admin permissions but a staff chat access.
"WatchDogs" is a Staff role with all Administrator permissions.

• How long will I stay as "Trainee Staff"?
Depends on you. The more active and the better you perform, the earlier you become WatchDogs.

• What duties will I be assigned to as a server staff?
You will be guided through all staff rules and duties once you are ready to become a Watchdog.
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