Bubbling Springs Doodles Puppy Application
We have a master wait list for our F1 Bernedoodles, F1b Bernedoodles and a master wait list for our Bernese Mountain Dog puppies. When you make a $300 non refundable reservation fee and complete the reservation agreement your name will be put on our master wait list in order that reservation fees are made. When it comes to your name you will be able to pick a puppy or you can defer to another litter. If you decide to defer your name stays where it is however, we then move to the next person on the master list. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!!
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We feed a high quality dog food to our puppies and mothers. We ask our families to feed a high quality food to their puppy/adult. Are you able to continue feeding a higher quality food? *
We require each family to utilize either online training (Baxter & Bella), puppy kindergarten or in home training with a trainer. Are you willing to commit to training your puppy? *
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