Anonymous Reporting and Suggestions
Having trouble in school? Have a great idea for our school that you'd like to share? This is the place to do it!

Notes about making suggestions:
Only serious suggestions will be considered. (We aren't going to take every Friday off or serve you free pizza every day.) The building leadership team (usually teachers but we will include students as needed) will take a look at your suggestion and discuss it. All ideas are welcome! If you know how we could improve something, let us know. If you just want us to know something is wrong or not working well, we need to know that, too, so we can start looking for solutions.

Notes about anonymously reporting bullying:
Please remember that an anonymous report of bullying can start an investigation but the school cannot take disciplinary action solely based on this anonymous report. Other evidence must be found and verified.
It's okay to just let us know where these things are happening and we'll do our best to make sure someone is there to keep an eye on things, even if you don't want to give names at this point.

Leaving your name is optional. No personal information will be recorded when you submit a form so if you want a follow up or if you want to be part of the discussion, make sure you include your name.

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