Sol•Set EP . 06 - Maximilian Hecker and Eian - 9.6.Fri - 7pm-10pm
Sol•Set EP . 06 - Sept.6.Fri. - Maximilian Hecker and Eian @puntobluseoul
@MaximilianHecker_official & @Eian.k 의 스페셜 공연
태풍으로 인해 #solset6는 성수동의 다이나믹한 공간 뿐또블루 @puntobluseoul 에서 진행하게 되었습니다.
Due to expected typhoon conditions, we will now be hosting #solset6 at the dynamic indoor venue of @puntobluseoul in Seongsu.
Maximilian Hecker is a German Berlin-based musician known for airy pop music, similar to Radiohead and Sigur Rós. After performing as a drummer in a number of bands, and after one year of busking in the streets of Berlin, his debut album in 2001 released by Kitty-yo Records attracted worldwide attention, reaching the top ten list of the New York Times’ album of the year contest.
Maximilian Hecker는 Radiohead와 Sigur Rós 같은 airy pop music을 연주하는 독일 뮤지션입니다. 베를린에서 여러 인디밴드의 드러머를 와 버스킹의 하며 인연을 맺게 된 Kitty-yo Records에서 발표한 그의 데뷔 앨범 INFINITE LOVE SONGS는 New York Times의 Top 10 올해의 앨범 리스트에도 올랐었죠.
After his recent headline performance at Punto Blu Live, one of Korea’s rising singer-songwriters Eian will be opening #solset EP . 06 with German singer-songwriter Maximilian Hecker.
Eian won a Naver music contest Album Project (알범 프로젴트) releasing his first k-pop song “Nightfall” which was well received in the online music community in Korea. 2019 has brought more success for the emerging singer-songwriter releasing his first EP album “Simple” as well as his latest release of the song “Slipping”.
EIAN (이안) Producer, Singer songwriter and DJ
Eian(이안)은 대한민국의 음악 프로듀서 겸 가수이며, 현재 플럭서스뮤직(Fluxus Music)을 통해 음원을 발매하고 있다. 또한 뿐또블루에서 음악 & 공연을 담당하고 있다.
Eian(이안)은 'Music that, hopefully, can help enlighten us'라는 문구를 바탕으로 사람들에게 희망과 좋은 영감을 줄 수 있는 음악 활동을 목표로 음악을 하고 있다.
🗓 Sept. 6, 2019 - 7pm (doors open) 8:15pm (Eian) 9pm (Maximilian Hecker)
🗺 @Puntobluseoul
🎫 DM for Reservation @Paperstreet_seoul 50 tickets only
🎟 20,000w Sol•Set EP . 06 (prepay - link in bio)
🎟 25,000w Sol•Set EP . 06 (door)
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