2018 NSDCA Information Survey & Questionnaire
The NSDCA Board would like to find out what the opinions of our members are with respect to several important issues.

Please complete the following survey questions as soon as possible; answer as many of the questions as you desire - comments (when requested) are also voluntary; the more information you provide the better we will be able to understand your concerns. Your responses will be automatically emailed to the NSDCA Times editor and forwarded to the NSDCA President, John Ide, when you submit the form.

You do not need to include your name or chapter unless you wish to do so. If you omit this information your responses are totally anonymous.

All results will be tabulated and published in a future issue of The Times.

Thank you for your help.

John Ide, President NSDCA

General Questions
Are you satisfied with the NSDCA?
Not at all
Please explain why you are or are not satisfied.
Your answer
Do you feel you get appropriate value in exchange for the $20 annual membership fee?
Are you completely satisfied with the NSDCA leadership?
Not at all
If you are not completely satisfied, please explain your concern/issue.
Your answer
Would you consider accepting a leadership role (e.g., Board, Staff, Representative, Other) with the NSDCA? (select all that apply)
Do you regularly use any of the other social media forms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, ...)? Choose all that apply.
Do you think NSDCA would benefit from a more aggressive use of social media?
Do you have an email account?
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