Barkston Ash FA Match Result Sheet
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Recognise patterns of play and not invade player/game space Correctly recognise and award throw-ins, goal-kicks and corners Demonstrate consistent and credible recognition, detection and interpretation of ‘normal’Law 12 offences i.e. but not limited to; foul tackles, holding, aerial challenges, handball etc. Recognise Law 11 + 12 offences and advantage application opportunities, not merely possession, applied in credible areas and/or applied without detriment to match control Demonstrate awareness of when appropriate to use the range of management techniques available, before resorting to formal disciplinary action i.e. the STEP process Recognise where player(s), teams(s) are using time consuming tactics and takes positive appropriate action i.e. preventative actions Demonstrate high levels of fitness and work rate throughout the entire game to meet the demands of the game
Judgement of Major Decisions (1-30) *
(Cautions/Non-Cautions, Send Offs/Non-Send Offs, Penalties/Non Penalties,Goal Awarded/Disallowed or other significant game changing decisions) - Did the Referee: Demonstrate identification of ‘significant game impact’ incidents and offences with appropriate action(s) applied Demonstrate the ability to recognise the importance of potential key match decisions and effectively move towards/gain an optimum viewing angle to (a) judge, (b) enhance credibility and (c) adds value to the decision In the highly unlikely event of there being no major decisions, a standard mark of 15 should be awarded to the Referee.
Overall Control and Player Management (1-30) *
Act in a positive manner in their Pre-match Communication and Off-Field Behaviour Lead their team, ensuring all officials worked in harmony without contradictory decisions(where ARs are appointed) Display empathy for the game, managing game situations in an empathetic manner recognising the ever changing ebbs/flows, nature and temperature of the game and adapts refereeing style to suit Recognise when/how to raise his/her profile to aide their match control and remain in selfcontrol of emotions, demonstrating composure Recognise when appropriate to enter face-to-face dialogue with the Assistant Referee(s)(where applicable), to aide visual co-operation and major decision making Effectively manage, when appropriate, two-way interaction with players, technical staff etc. Demonstrate a natural authority/confidence – not influenced by players, spectators or team officials
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