S3DA/Tree Stand Safety Awareness Quiz
September is Tree Stand Safety Awareness Month! Tree Stand Accidents are the #1 cause of injuries & deaths to deer hunters. Tree Stand Safety Awareness Foundation – TSAA mission is to significantly reduce tree stand falls through promotion, education and best practices. Scholastic 3D Archery has partnered with TSAA to provide S3DA Student Members a Short Quiz on the importance of Tree Stand Safety.

Every student member is encouraged to take this quiz and ALL participants that complete the quiz will be put in a drawing for a chance to WIN. The Grand Prize winner will receive a NEW full-body safety harness and lifeline and the runner-up will receive a haul line and a Realtree tree stand equipment hanger.

**Note: The 1st and 2nd Place winners MUST SUBMIT a picture of themselves with the prizes (upon receipt) for the TSAA to use on their social media feeds.
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ABCs of Tree Stand Safety
1. The “A” in the ABCs of Tree Stand Safety stands for: *
10 points
2. True or False: Climbing up to a tree stand with a backpack is acceptable as long as it is on your back. *
10 points
3. When using a full-body harness (tree stand harness), when should you connect the harness to something connected to the tree? *
10 points
4. When raising or lowering your bow, crossbow or firearm (gun) to and from the tree stand you MUST: *
10 points
5. What is the name of the knot that is used on rope safety lines (“Lifeline”) that you connect the carabiner to from your full-body harness? *
10 points
6. True or False: It is Never ok to use limbs to aid in climbing a tree to your stand? *
10 points
7. The “D” in the ABCs of Tree Stand Safety stands for: *
10 points
8. When seated in your tree stand, how much slack should be in the tether connecting your full-body harness to the tree or safety rope? *
10 points
9. True or False: It is ok to use a homemade tree stand as long as you built it? *
10 points
True or False: Hunting from a tree stand is a safe and fun method to hunt as long as you follow some basic safety rules. *
10 points
BONUS QUESTION: Tree Stand Accidents are the number one cause of _________ & serious injury to deer hunters in the United States. *
5 points
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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