Salmonberry Commons Interest Survey
Salmonberry Saloon is now / temporarily Salmonberry Commons - an online grocery/prepared meal service with doorstep delivery to the North Oregon Coast, Portland metro and SW Washington. We'd love your feedback so that our project can be as inclusive as possible of what our community wants/needs. Take two minutes to fill out our survey - your time is so appreciated.
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Where do you live?
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Where do you currently buy groceries?
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What product categories are missing from what you have access to?
What would you like to see Salmonberry Commons stock? General (i.e. baking staples) or specific (i.e. Anson Mills Carolina Gold Rice)
What would you like for us to prepare for you in our kitchen? Examples could be general (i.e. ready-to-eat meal kits, hearty soups, baked goods, desserts) or more specific (i.e. Hazelnut pesto with fresh handmade pasta and sides of parmesan and parsley)
Are you interested in a weekly selection of independently produced regional wine or beer?
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Would you add $5 or $10 to your order on occasion to help us make food for those in need?
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What do you feel is a reasonable minimum order?
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What do you feel is a reasonable delivery fee? Note - currently Nehalem River Ranch, with whom we are partnering on delivery, has one delivery driver for more than 75 stops per week over two days on the North Coast and in Portland. A delivery minimum / fee will keep delivering feasible until we know what our demand is and can expand delivery capacity - drivers, refrigerated trucks, etc.
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If you enjoy our service and product selection, do you foresee continuing to order easily reheated family meals and other prepared foods from our kitchen (fresh pasta, soups and sauces, pestos and salsas, baked goods, more) for delivery / pick-up once this crisis becomes less at the forefront of American life?
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Any other questions, comments, requests?
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