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The Center for Teaching, Learning and Engagement exists not only for training in the how-to of using technology, but also to advise on the pedagogical why. Choose your own Workshop/Training options in the CTLE and get what you need, when you need it. The Training Coordinator will contact you and your own personally designed training will be tailored to your needs!
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Yes, it's true. Have it your way. Tell us what training you want and when you want it. We'll work hard to schedule that training just for you. To get started, complete the form below. If you have trouble with the form, let us know.
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Microsoft Office & Windows
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Mobile Devices (Smart/CellPhone, Tablets & Chromebooks)
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Canvas - Learning Management System
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Using Cloud Technologies, Online Solutions and Social Media Tools
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Fundamentals: Teaching + Learning (Pedagogy)
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eCourses Training
"Strategies for Effectively Teaching Online" is only offered as scheduled. Please check the CTLE calendar for dates and times.
Drupal Training
Other - You Name It
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