PDF Facilitator Application
This year at Personal Democracy Forum we are changing up our format, as outlined on our website.

Each morning, there will be several keynote talks. Each keynote speaker will then anchor afternoon workshops on these topics, along with several other domain experts. We are seeking experienced facilitators who can help develop and guide these workshops, helping with both their creation and execution. These workshops will be expected to have anywhere from 50-120 people, depending on enthusiasm. THESE ARE NOT PANELS and should not be run as such.

Facilitators will be expected to:
-- coordinate with the keynote speaker and PDF co-curators Micah Sifry and Danielle Tomson on the goals of the workshop
-- develop a program for the workshop
-- help engage PDF participants before the conference on our soon-to-be-launched online Discourse platform
-- conduct the 90 minute workshop
-- help document the workshop for all attendees after it concludes

In exchange, facilitators will:
-- Get a speaker pass to PDF
-- Be listed as an official PDF facilitator in our online program, including bio and headshot
-- Be Invited to our exclusive speakers cocktail Wednesday night before the conference
-- $200 compensation OR an extra ticket to PDF

There are a few themes so far in the conference and in the application below you should identify three you might be interested in:
-- Redesigning digital democracy with the affordances of technology: liquid democracy and other tools for deliberation and decision-making
-- Rethinking Facebook and social media: governance, ownership, regulation, policy
-- Updating the critical technical infrastructure of democracy and government
-- Using science fiction to reimagine possibilities in our organizations and their growth
-- Developing new local models for civic engagement and bottom-up democracy
-- Solving the misinformation problem online
-- Designing systems that strengthen trust
-- Rethinking business models in the platform economy, such as platform coops
-- The future of work and proposals for guaranteed minimum income
-- Confronting the policing of the poor with data
-- Community-driven principles for data ethics
-- Building better cyber security for election systems and campaigns


If you have any questions, please email Director and co-curator Danielle Tomson with questions. Danielle@personaldemocracy.com

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