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The decisions of this team drives and determines the activities of the other teams. Once a decision is made, each team springs into action to ensure the proliferation and acceptance of that decision.
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SHS Action Teams (explained)
The Legal Team: This team concentrates solely on exploring and determining legal remedies that would benefit individuals at the State level. Among other remedies, the Legal Team will investigate the possibility of recovering money stolen by the financial community and return money to the people who were victimized by foreclosure.

The Financial Team: The role of this group is to determine what financial institutions persons, groups, benefitted and continue to benefit from the illegal foreclosures so that if the Legal Team determines that clawing back the money is a viable option, then the Financial Team knows where the money is located.

The Writing & Content Team: This team writes press releases and letters for the people on the spread sheet to send to appropriate political, government, legal, etc., writers for social and print media.

The Database Team: Statistics need to be gathered from various sources and maintained because media outlets invariably ask for statistics. These statistics are supplied to other work groups , e.g., the Writing Work Group for news articles, OpEds etc., the Legal Work Group for television appearances, newspaper interviews, etc.

The Research & Development (R&D) Team:  Reads, reviews, synthesize and summarize all manner of communications, e.g., newspapers, internet, newspapers, internet, etc., to determine what is being written about “Justice for Homeowners” and relevant information about foreclosures.

The Technology & Media Team: This team establishes and determines the best sources and methods for disseminating information. They work in concert with the “all the ACTION teams”.

The Education Team: (encouraging people to watch “The Con” so they will know what happened)

The Faith-Based Team: Organizes the religious communities so that members of these communities might supply their contact information to “Justice for Homeowners.” Their contact information will be put on a spread sheet and used by the Media Team for CALLS TO ACTION!! This community will supply a huge number of people utilized to put judges, legislators, etc. on notice that thousands of people have been victimized by the financial community and demand remedies.

The GREEK Team: This team, like the Faith-Based Team, will collect contact information from fraternities and sororities to be added to the spread sheet.

The Multicultural-Linguistics Team: We need someone fluent in Spanish to head up and organize this
team. This team will galvanize the Latinx community and inform them of the group goals and spearhead “team building.”

Political/Social Justice Team: Directs the groups actions in the political arena. Compiles contact information (e.g., telephone numbers, addresses, emails) on relevant government and political personalities. Identify and network with other social action groups to form community coalitions.

Fundraising Team: Devises methods to raise money for SHS project-driven expenses.
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