Christ the Servant - Sharing Talents
This is your invitation from Christ the Servant Parish asking you to share your time and talents.

What do you have that you can share? 

The various committees and commissions are always ready to welcome fresh thoughts and ideas coming from you! Membership on a committee or commission or council can be a rewarding way of spending time helping the parish set and achieve goals. 

Maybe your talent is a smile, so Host Team Hospitality ministry might be for you. If your talent is creative and artistic, then the Art & Environment Committee might be your niche. Maybe you have experience with small household repairs, or you love to garden but live in an apartment with no place to indulge yourself— have we got a deal for you! Maybe your talent is music, or teaching, or cooking, or organizing activities for children. Whatever you have to share, we’ll try to help you find the place to do it! 

Contributing your financial gifts, to the extent you are able, is important, too. Financial gifts help pay the mortgage, keep the lights on, temperatures comfortable, grass clipped and the parking lot cleared, insurance paid and more.

Please look through the different items listed on this form and accept the invitation of Jesus Christ to share your gifts with your family in Christ. Is there anything you would like to share that’s not listed? Please include your gifts in the last item in the survey. Thank you!   

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I like doing things with people:
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I am skilled at fixing things:
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