MoorArts Teacher Grant Application
Grant applications are considered at each MoorArts trustee meeting. Grants are awarded on a rolling basis throughout the school year; there is no deadline for applications. Grant requests are generally capped at $1500 per request, and funds are distributed on a first come, first served basis. Before submitting a grant application, please review our grant guidelines at .
Applicant Name(s) *
Please list all teachers involved with this project.
Email Address *
Your school email address should be included. If you want to receive mail at another address, list that as well.
School where grant will be implemented *
Primary Contact Phone / Email
If more than one person is named in the grant application, please indicate who the primary contact is.
Brief description of project *
25 words ought to do it. Tell us more in the Summary/Evaluation item at the end of this form.
Total Grant Request Amount *
What is the total grant award you are requesting? You will provide specifics later in the application. This is the 'top line', total dollar amount you would like.
Statement of need *
Tell us why your project need these funds, and why our students need this project.
Project goals and objectives *
What do you hope to see happen as a result of this project?
Action plan *
Tell us how you will make the project a reality. What are the key dates and milestones?
Management plan *
How will you manage this project? Is there anybody you need to work with? How will you spend the grant funds? Please be as specific as possible. Financial details should be outlined in the Project Cost section, below.
Tell us anything else you think we need to know about how this project will work.
Project cost details *
Tell us the financial details here. A list is a good format to start with. If you are purchasing items, what do they cost? Are there shipping charges? If you are hiring someone, how do they charge? What is included? What isn't included? If additional funds are needed, are you seeking funding from other sources? Where?
Project summary / evaluation *
Make the case for your project here. How will the students benefit from this project? How many students? Over what period of time? If the principal loves it, tell us! If Admin. has given you the green light, let us know! How do you plan to share your new knowledge, or document your success?
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