Transfer Galaxy's whistleblowing form
Transfer Galaxy works to combat corruption and other serious irregularities. An important part of that work consists of providing suitable reporting channels through which suspected irregularities may be reported in a way that feels safe for the whistleblower. This can often be done, for example, by contacting an immediate supervisor, but sometimes this type of reporting channel is not enough. Transfer Galaxy has therefore set up a special whistleblowing service in order to make it easier to report serious irregularities.

This whistleblowing service is not intended to replace internal information and reporting channels, but is intended only to complement these channels. This means that the service may only be used when it is reasonably necessary to avoid the usual reporting channels. For example, the report may be about someone who is in a position to prevent the report from being administered in a proper way.

This whistleblowing form is completely anonymous and the information provided is directly passed on to a third party, Advokatfiman Evander. Advokatfiman Evander will thereafter share the information with individuals within Transfer Galaxy who are not either directly or indirectly associated with the reported misconduct.

If you intend to report a misconduct, we ask that you first read the information set out in the whistleblowing guidelines, available at

If you do not wish to be anonymous, you may contact Transfer Galaxy through the contact information available on Transfer Galaxy's webpage.
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