Australian Pacific College Pre-Arrival English Test
The Pre-Arrival English test will help us determine your English level and the number of weeks needed to reach your goals, so there's no pass or fail! However, if you score less than 70% on Part A of the test, you will probably need to study English before you can enter a vocational course or English for Academic Purposes at the College. Part A: 20 Multiple choice Questions Part B: Write 2 short essays of at least 150 words each. Tests will be marked within 2 business days and your results will be sent to you by email. The email will indicate which of our courses you are eligible for based on your test results and will explain how to enrol in our courses. NOTE: When completing the test you must write in your own words and you must do the test yourself with no help from anyone else.

The test should take you no more than 1 hour to complete.
The Pre-Arrival Test can be used only by genuine applicants to Australian Pacific College courses. You must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment before commencing this test. ( Do you agree to APC's Terms and Conditions of Enrolment? *
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