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Please use the following form to sign in your textbook. This book will stay home with you throughout the year for the purpose of homework, reference, and studying, and must be returned at the end of the year.
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Can be found on the inside of the front of the book and/or on the bottom written across the pages. Please DO NOT include "MHS" if it is included. If a letter, such as A, is part of the book number, it should be included.
Please write your name inside the front cover of the book and select the option below to confirm that you have done so, *
Please set up your AP Classroom if you have not done so already, and make sure to study for your test Wednesday!
Oh Also... Study Tip!
At the end of each chapter, your textbook has 3 practice AP-style questions you can use to prepare for the test. 10 of the questions on your upcoming unit test will be in this style, so it's a good way to get familiar.
Also... follow @globalkhan on Instagram for study help and review!!!
I will be putting up stories in response to student questions explaining topics for the test, so if you follow and keep an eye on the stories, it can definitely be a way to help you on the test! If you have questions (after working hard to find the answer yourself of course) ask me there so everyone can benefit from the response!
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