RSVP to MYCC Virtual Youth Lobby Week - May 25-29
Our Climate is so excited to join forces with our partners in the Massachusetts Youth Climate Coalition to earn our legislator's support for our MYCC Policy Requirements ( To adhere to social distancing rules, the event will occur online via a series of Zoom meetings from Tuesday May 26 - Friday May 29th.  

Trainings and preparation will occur on the afternoon of Tuesday the 26 and individual legislator meetings will occur throughout the week according to participants' schedules. Here is a more detailed schedule:

Fill out the form to help us connect you with your legislator and other youth in their district for this critical event.
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You will be most persuasive to legislators who actually represent your district, or the districts of your family and friends. Also, if you already have a relationship with a legislator, that might also make you a persuasive lobbiest. Our Climate will help you identify which legislators to meet with, but if you'd like to jumpstart this process, look who represents you using the provided link and then enter their names and positions in the box below (e.g. Representative Robert Deleo, Senator Joseph Bonacore): 
Are there any specific times from May 26-May 29 that you know you CAN'T attend a call? *
Keep in mind: Our preparatory training program happens on the afternoon and evening of Tuesday the 26th. Your meeting facilitators will then find meeting times on the 27-29 that work for you and your legislators. Legislators tend to work between 9AM-5PM, so focus on scheduling restrictions in that time frame.
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