FSI Families Tech Support Request Form -- Spring 2020
I've created this separate 'help ticket' system for Franklin parents and students, so that I can separately organize, prioritize and ultimately help enact more detailed interventions -- in my response to communicated tech struggles at home.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME AN EMAIL ABOUT AN ISSUE unless I've already reached out to you myself, in that fashion (OR, unless we've already started otherwise working out a ticket together). Also, PLEASE DON'T SUBMIT MULTIPLE help tickets, about the same issue. Make sense?

Thanks, Mr. Mikulski
Email address *
(OPTIONAL) Additional email address of parent, or student
Description of Problem *
Model of device being used, operating system, and browser being used *
Severity of Problem *
# of People Affected *
Choose 'One' if you're pretty sure this issue is limited to you/your family; use other choices if you feel there is a bigger, systemic issue at play!
Phone # (or numbers) where I can best reach you? *
My default mode of follow-up is by email; however I will definitely use the phone # you provide here if 1) I happen to be available (and in the mood) for a chat; 2) your trouble seems super-urgent, or 3) if I anticipate that troubleshooting the problem will be relatively involved. =)
(OPTIONAL) Other information that might be useful...
Other details, that you think it would be helpful for me to know beforehand. For example, what have you tried so far (without success), to resolve the issue? Does it work on one device, but not another? If so, explain. Or... which other student(s) have you confirmed, if any, are experiencing the same problem?
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