Protozoa Group Buy Poll
The interest check stage for Protozoa 01 + 02 has ended, with great results! Thanks to you all for filling out the forms, expressing your interest, giving me your feedback and thoughts, and participating in great conversations on the Discord (link below). It's been a very pleasurable journey so far with you all, and I'm so excited to be finally bringing this collection to the group buy stage!

Group buy start date:
July 10th, 2020
9am Pacific Time

Group buy end date:
July 25th, 2020
2am Pacific Time

Expected ship date:
TBD Q4 2020


Protozoa 01 (Mysterium) - MOQ of 50, unlimited
Protozoa 02 (Discipline) - MOQ of 100, unlimited

Protozoa 01 (Mysterium) - starting at 375$
Protozoa 02 (Discipline) - starting at 295$
See geekhack and discord for more details.

Are you considering buying a kit from the collection? (no commitment is being made here, but please answer as best you can, so I can get an idea of numbers. This will ultimately allow the group buy to run smoothly.)
Where are you based?
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Feedback, comments, anything really (I love your comments. If you do have a question you'd like answered directly, please do consider joining the discord and asking there. This form is a one sided conversation because I can't answer you.)
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