Chromatic Coffee Artist Submission Form
Chromatic Coffee Company in Santa Clara, CA serves as a retail coffee shop as well as an art space. We encourage local artists to share this space with us and offer monthly scheduled showings for visual artwork. We like to promote creativity in many forms and from varying perspectives. EACH FEATURED ARTIST GETS AN ENTIRE MONTH TO DISPLAY STARTING THE FIRST WEEK OF THE MONTH.

Please be prepared to provide between 10 to 20 digital images of your artwork or a link to a portfolio, website or photo album displaying the art you would like to submit.

Note: We reserve the right to refuse work that we do not feel is appropriate or that we find offensive to the space. This is an all-ages space, an all-inclusive space and we do not endorse content we find has an oppressive nature. All work must be original work by the artist presenting unless stated and cited otherwise.

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