NYPDL Equity Complaint Form
Please fill out this form if you believe that you have been involved in or witnessed an equity issue. Please provide your name and contact information so that we can reach out to you for more information. Your identity will be kept anonymous to everyone who is not a part of the equity team. Our goal is to ensure that we address all equity violations in the NYPDL while also preserving anonymity where possible. If there is an equity officer or member of the league who you feel most comfortable reporting the equity issue too, please reach out to them.

Our equity officers are available at:

Ben Binday: (914) 844-4821
Nan Dickerson: (202) 805-5487
Myra Malik: (917) 946-4759
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Is there any action you would like us to take? If not, tournament officials will refer to the equity guide (included in the tournament invitation on tabroom) to determine appropriate actions.
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