2019 GZAEXPO Up & Coming Application

THIS IS A JURIED SHOW AND ONLY THE BEST BODY OF WORK WILL BE CONSIDERED. WE HAVE 3 TOP PROFESSIONALS REVIEW APPLICATIONS TO DECIDE ON VENDORS THEY FEEL ARE READY. THIS IS NOT INTENDED FOR THOSE NOT INTERESTED IN GETTING INTO THE INDUSTRY OR FREELANCE WORK. If you are chosen based on false information or are chosen and find you did not follow the application guidelines, you may be removed from the event without notice, so please read form carefully. We reserve the right to remove any vendor at any time.

This form is intended for those interested in vending at the 2019 GZAExpo in Animation Alley's "Up & Coming" section. This application is only for those who are not in the industry yet, but desire to be. GZAEXPO is looking for the following: Applicant has/has not gone to school & has built a body of work in hopes to be in the industry, or has done small freelance jobs for the industry/been an intern in a studio. This show is about originality, networking and marketing, less about sales (sales are an added bonus).

Please have form submitted no later than November 1, 2018 so the process of selecting vendors can begin. We will be sending acceptance letters no sooner than November 1st and no later than January 31, 2019. If you do not hear back on or before January 31, 2019, we have filled vendor spots & hope you apply again in the future. We suggest attending GZAEXPO, if you have never been, to see vendors and what we are looking for.


Event is open to the public and there will be a general admission ticket that must be purchased by attendees. Workshop and panel tickets will be additional tickets that must be purchased by attendees.

Date of the event: June 8th & 9th, 2019, 10am-5pm each day

8am - 9:45am - Set Up for Vendors Saturday
10am-5pm - Event each day
5:15pm - Doors close on Saturday (vendors tabling 2 days will leave items and take only personal belongings. If vending only Saturday, you will have until 5:30pm to breakdown, so we ask that you begin slowly at 4:30pm)
5pm-7pm Break Down on Sunday

Location: Boys & Girls Club
11050 Cedar St. (not affiliated with the Boys & Girls Club, just using facility & hired employees)
Stanton, CA 90680

Vendors must provide:
6' table (or smaller: 4'-5'), if you must rent a table, it is $10 added to your booth fee.
Tablecloth (any color/design you desire, but please make sure it is large enough to cover the front of your table all the way to the floor.
Standing banner, table banner or no banner
Carts for transporting items/bins
Extension cord, power strip (if you desire to plug anything in)
Small fans or handheld fans are encouraged
Ice chest, snacks, food and drinks if you don't want to leave event or purchase from our snack bar or vending
Cash and POS systems

Event will provide:
1 chair for each vendor, you are allowed 1 extra seat at your table, but you must provide the extra one
Wi-Fi password
Cold bottles of water only for vendor, not guests or booth help (2 bottles per day, one at the beginning and around 1pm) Other than those, we have a water fountain, snack bar and vending machines.
2 wristbands each day - 1 for you and one for a helper at your booth (these will be provided at check in each morning. Your booth helper must be present before doors open to receive one.

Air conditioning in main room is being worked out with the facility up to this point. We will have more information closer to the date of the expo. There is AC in all classrooms. If for any reason we do not reach an agreement about AC by the time of the event, we will have large fans in each door. Please come prepared and dress appropriately, be prepared with layers of clothing to be comfortable throughout the day. We are doing everything we can to get AC in the main room, but it is a non-profit and space is large.

Free Parking, vendors must unload quickly in the 15 minute loading zone in front (based on a first come basis) and park on top levels of parking structure. NO PARKING ON THE FIRST LEVEL AT ALL UNLESS YOU HAVE HANDICAP PARKING DISPLAYED ON VEHICLE. Parking is not guaranteed for those that are late. We ask that you park at the last available spot on the top levels to allow our attendees easy parking. There are no elevators only stairs.

We cannot guarantee parking close by and you can park at your own risk at the Food 4 Less parking or park at the end of Cedar Street. We do not advise it, but based on our 2018 vendors, they did not have any issues. There is also a small parking lot at the library on the corner of Katella and Cedar, but there may be an event for the library. Make sure your read all signs and use our parking structure first. PLEASE READ ALL SIGNS.

We will be giving out 2 waters to vendors each day. There is a Food4Less and McDonald's next to the venue. We will also have a snack bar and vending machines in the lobby. There is a water fountain in the lobby.

Wi-Fi is available. Password will be given the days of the expo. You can never guarantee Wi-Fi to work properly, so please have a back up. There is a Bank of the West in the Food 4 Less parking lot if customers need cash. We encourage attendees to bring cash when advertising the show.

Juried Show:
We take our time to go through every application and have 3 top professionals choosing. They will research any and all social media, websites, online portfolios, etc listed by the applicant. The more information and links you provide, the better. If you don't have an Instagram account and are chosen, you will lose marketing promotions if we cannot tag you. We suggest making an art Instagram page just in case (optional). IF YOU DO NOT HEAR BACK by January 31, 2019 there is a chance you may not have been selected for the show. We are fortunate to receive many applicants. There are several reasons this might have happened: lack of portfolio to review, we think artist may need some more time to grow and should reapply in the future, an abundance of applicants, space has already been filled, space is limited, amongst many other reasons. This does not mean to give up, but keep trying! Our show is grassroots and space is limited, so we do our best to fill it with vendors we feel fit the show best.

If selected, space will be $70 for 1 day (you choose either Saturday or Sunday) or 2 days for $125.

This is a non-refundable payment after February 15, 2019 and is due within 15 days of being accepted unless other arrangements have been made with GZAEXPO curator. It is not GZAEXPO's job to follow up with vendor once accepted and space will not be held once payment date has expired.

Empty spaces do not look good if vendors fail to show up. There is someone waiting in line to take your spot if you are selected and we are ready to give the spot away if you cannot attend. Please make sure you email us if there is any cancelation. We need to have you on board and following through with your commitment as we take the time to promote our vendors prior to the event, pay for promotion and print our pamphlets with your info in it. Vending and showing up also shows industry professionals who is serious.

Artist is responsible for the items listed above under "Vendor Must Provide". Standing banners and standing backdrops are best. Please keep your back stock, bins, etc. under your table out of site or in your car. You may only display on your table or behind your table, not on the sides or in front (bunting and banners are okay draped on the front of your table as long as it is attached).

Event space will include the items list above under "Event will Provide".

We also require you to share about the event to help promote the event. It takes all of us to make a great event happen. Flyers and promo material needed will be sent to you at a future date.

The deadline to fill out this application will be November 1, 2018. This application DOES NOT guarantee you a spot. We will be selecting artists on or before January 31, 2019. If you only choose to pay for one day, the other day for that vendor space will be given away so be sure you want 1 or 2 days.

There is an option on the application for sponsorship. You can have an ad regardless if you are chosen to be a vendor or not. Sponsors are helping with waters for the event, staff, limited Ground Zero prints for the EXPO, advertising, pamphlets, paying our graphic designers, and more. We have sponsorships starting at $25-$50. Please fill out a sponsorship form on our website.

We are always open to art and merchandise donations to put in our raffle or in swag bags to promote your work and for the event to be more amazing! You do not have to be in the show to take part in this. We ask that you email us what you would like to donate. Must be tasteful, family friendly, your work (no other artwork by another artist), and we must approve it before accepting it. You can mail it once we approve so we can promote it early on.

CONTEST (optional):
We are looking to make the EXPO exciting! We will be picking 1 vendor to have a free spot. This will include a free table space for 2 days and will provide a 6 table & 1 chair, 50 postcards of the winning design for you to sell and retain profit, and 2: 1 day entry & all access panel tickets for friends or family. The winner will be featured on our website and social media. Contract will be sent to winner to cover all details. You may not share vending space with any other vendors.


Theme: Monsters

Design: Must be ORIGINAL ART, no fan art, family friendly, keep "animation" in mind when designing. Digital image must be submitted with your watermark on it.

Deadline for Art:
On or before November 1, 2018

Submit watermarked copy to:
Title: GZAEXPO Contest Entry

If chosen, Specs:
5"x7", leave room for bleed
300 DPI
JPEG file for submission

Include in your email with image:
Your full name
Title of Design
Website/Any social media sites
A blurb about you, your piece and what animation means to you, how it inspired you.

Booths are for selling your own art, handmade merch, and for promoting your projects. No sales of art/merch that is not your own will be tolerated. If GZAEXPO staff finds that you are not abiding by all rules, you will be asked to leave and escorted off the property and no refund will be provided. Fan art is acceptable, but please make it your own style, no direct copies of characters or designs. This show is about originality, networking and marketing, less about sales (sales are an added bonus).
You must provide your own cash for change. Bathrooms and vending machines with snacks and drinks are on site. Outlets may not be by you so be prepared with power strips and long extension cords. If you leave to attend a panel or workshop, please make sure you have a friend or family member to watch your booth, we do not provide anyone to watch your booth unless it's for a quick bathroom break or snack run. You are allowed to attend any panel you please if you are a vendor, as long as room is available after attendees sit. For workshops, you must purchase a ticket online.

We ask that all children under the age of 10 are accompanied by an attending adult, not someone helping at your booth, and not behind vendors booths. The show is a professional setting meant to feature artists. Vendors tend to be distracted with family and friends "hanging" out behind the booth. We have gotten complaints in the past and are trying to handle this delicately.

If you select 1 day to table, we will offer the table to another vendor on the other day. There is no guarantee you'll have a table both days if you change your mind. Please remember, an empty table makes everyone look bad.

Sales are 100% yours that happen at your booth. You do not need a seller's permit to be in accepted.

Overnight Security and last minute notes:

We are not responsible for theft or damage to any of our attendee's or artist's personal belongings (art, vehicles, displays, etc.) while the show is happening. We are not responsible for watching your booth while the event is happening. If you choose to leave your items overnight, your items must be placed in the designated indoor room before final packing time and placed back out the following day (if vending 2 days) before 10am. Please take personal belongings like cash boxes, electronics, purses, etc. Please make sure your area is clean before you leave the event. Please be respectful of the Boys and Girls Club staff and facilities so we can return for more events. Tables and chairs can be left where we set them up. Artists are only responsible for their items.

Videos & Media Footage:

We are hiring a small crew to record parts of the show to help with promoting future shows in hopes to have more EXPOs a year or in new cities. You must select "I give consent to be recorded" on the form.

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Do you understand that this application does not guarantee you are spot? If you do not hear from us by January 31, 2019, that means there are no more available spaces. There is no need to email & ask if you've been accepted. We will be sure to reach out to you. *
Do you understand that if chosen, payment is non-refundable for space after Feb. 15, 2019 unless GZAEXPO has decided to refund under certain circumstances? *
If selected, I am interested in: *
Would you like to rent a 6' table for an extra $10 on top of booth cost if selected? Final date to change your mind is Feb.15th as we must reserve them with the company. *
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Do you understand that you must make payment within 15 days of acceptance in order to ensure you'll have a vending space? We will not remind you. *
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