North Coast Dominican Republic (10/19/18- 10/22/18)
Join us as we travel and serve. We'll bring donated clothes, buy the local community's food, and distribute the items to two orphanages. Our hope is that by giving basic needs of food, clothes, and love, we'll give these children hope to thrive.
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10/19/18- 10/22/18
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$2000 Includes flight from Miami
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The Participant has voluntarily chosen to participate in the Service Trip and to be involved in outreach to others by seeking to meet their physical and spiritual needs.The Participant assumes all risk and responsibility for any damage or injury to their property or any personal injury, which the Participant may sustain while involved in the Service Trip, including any related medical costs and expenses. The Participant understands that this short-term Service Trip entails a risk of physical injury and may involve extreme climates, adverse working conditions, hard physical labor and exposure to potentially dangerous areas of the world. The Participant certifies that he or she is in good health and physically able to perform this type of work. Orphan Angels World Wide requires all Participants to be in good physical condition, and may require Participant to obtain a doctor’s exam and prior written approval to participate on the Service Trip. The Participant hereby authorizes Orphan Angels World Wide or its representatives to act for the Participant, in their best judgment and in any emergency requiring medical attention. All medical expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the Participant or the Participant's family. The undersigned certifies that the Participant has no physical condition or mental impairment that would be affected by their participation in the Service Trip. If the Participant is a minor child and the undersigned cannot be reached in an emergency, the undersigned grants permission to any licensed physician, surgeon, clinic, or hospital to secure proper treatment and to order anesthesia, if medically required. Orphan Angels World Wide will arrange for Participant’s accommodations and the Participant understands that Orphan Angels World Wide is not responsible or liable for Participant’s personal effects and property and that Orphan Angels World Wide will not provide lock up or security for any personal property belonging to the Participant during the Service Trip. The Participant further agrees to abide by whatever rules and regulations may be in effect for the accommodations during the Service Trip.

Orphan Angels World Wide requires strict compliance with rules and regulations, including the rules concerning conduct, dress, and conscious lifestyle. These are explained in the Team Agreement, which will be provided to Participant and which Participant agrees to be bound upon acceptance of this Agreement. Failure by the Participant to comply with this Agreement, the Team Agreement or any other rules and procedures related to the Service Trip are grounds for dismissal, without refund or reimbursement. Should a Participant choose to cancel the trip or is dismissed, all application fees and all sponsor funds received by Orphan Angels World Wide will be deemed contributions and are not refundable. Participants may raise funds and receive credit for these funds equal to the price of their trip, including the non-refundable deposit. Each Participant’s trip cost must be paid in full prior to departure. Lack of payment could result in denial of Participant’s attendance on the Service Trip. Extensive training materials will be provided for all approved Participant’s. It is each Participant’s responsibility to complete any assigned tasks and reading in preparation for participation on the Service Trip. The parties to this Agreement are aware of their higher selves and believe in making every effort to live in peace and to resolve disputes with each other in private or within our community. Therefore, the parties agree that any claim or dispute arising from or related to this Agreement shall be settled by Non-Violent Communication mediation and, if mediation is not successful, legally binding arbitration. If the parties cannot agree on a mediator, arbitrator, or location within Broward County, Orphan Angels World Wide shall name three persons or locations and Participant shall choose from those three. Judgment upon an arbitration decision may be entered in any court otherwise having jurisdiction. The parties understand that these methods shall be the sole remedy for any controversy or claim arising out of this agreement and THE PARTIES EXPRESSLY WAIVE THEIR RIGHT TO HAVE CLAIMS ARISING FROM THIS AGREEMENT ADJUDICATED IN A CIVIL COURT, except to enforce an arbitration decision.:
The undersigned, (the individual, including the individual’s parents or legal guardians, if under 18 years of age) listed in Section 1, (hereinafter the “Participant”) in consideration of my participation in the Orphan Angels World Wide Service Trip 2018 Short-Term Service Trip (hereinafter the “Service Trip ”) and the mutual agreements set forth in this Agreement together with other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the Participant, intending to be legally bound, for myself, my heirs, assigns, executors, and administrators, does hereby waive and release, assume all risks, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Prosperity Today LLC, d/b/a Orphan Angels World Wide and its integrated auxiliaries and controlled organizations, including their directors, officers, staff, volunteers, or representatives and assigns (hereinafter “Orphan Angels World Wide”) from and against any and all claims for death, personal injuries or property damage, costs, expenses and actions of any kind whatsoever, arising out directly or indirectly out of my participation in the Service Trip, including without limitation liability arising out of negligence or carelessness on the part of Orphan Angels World Wide.
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