Initiative on Campus Dialogues: "Environmental Map"
The Initiative on Campus Dialogues (ICD) is a working group organized as part of the UConn Humanities Institute’s Humility & Conviction in Public Life project. ICD aims to plan and promote productive dialogue over divisive issues in order to create sustainable and infrastructural change, at the university and local level, in the tenor, tone and hopefully outcomes of how we discuss controversial topics. This community-building exercise engages UConn students, staff and faculty, as well as non-university practitioners, around a two-step model focused on dialogue and implementation.
On this survey,
Our goal is to create an "environmental map" to connect existing dialogue work and practitioners on and off campus. Toward that end, we invite you to describe your work, working groups, classes, research projects, clubs, organisations, or similar that are related to the promotion of dialogue over divisive issues or through difference.

You may fill in the survey multiple times, no questions are required to submit the survey so you only need answer those questions relevant for you.
Your name and email contact
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Name of your group/organization/program
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What is your role?
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What are the goals of your organization/project/program?
In your understanding, which of the following are essential aspects of “dialogue work”? Mark as many or as few as apply.
What institutional supports assist in your ability to carry out your work?
What institutional challenges have affected your ability to carry out your work?
Is there any other information you wish to share regarding past or current dialogic work? (Past experiences, projects, stories, etc.)
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Are there other dialogue-related initiatives that you are aware of but not a member/organiser of? (If possible, please provide a brief description of these and a contact person.)
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The ICD team is interested in hosting a face-to-face event for everyone on the environmental map. Would you be interested in attending and/or giving a very short presentation on your work?
Thank you!
We will be in touch soon.

If you would like to contact the ICD team with any questions related to the survey, feel free to email: Brendan Kane (, Hanna Gunn (, or Dana Miranda ( Our thanks to everyone from the Initiative on Campus Dialogues group and the CLAS Dean's office for their input and support.

Please feel free to fill out the form as many times as you need, and also to share the link to the form with those you think may be interested in being a part of this network.

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