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Thank you for your interest in Looker Blocks! Please read the below descriptions to determine which type of Block your request constitutes. You can find a list of available Blocks here: Please contact with any questions.

Analytic Block - best-practice design patterns for various types of analysis consisting entirely of LookML (e.g. cohort analysis or retention analysis)

Source Block - offer analytics around a third-party data source (e.g. Salesforce, Zendesk, Stripe), based on the schemas produced by Looker’s ETL partners

Visualization Block - Choose from an expansive visualization library with unlimited customization options, available for all Looker instances (e.g. Liquid Fill Gauge or Sankey visualizations)

Data Block - data enrichment tool that includes pre-modeled LookML around public data that you can add to your model (e.g. NOAA Weather history or US Demographic information)

Embedded Block - techniques and pre-built modules for embedding data into custom applications (e.g. creating a Data Dictionary or Report Selector in a PBL deployment)

Data Tool - curated interfaces for specific types of analysis (e.g. web analytics tool)

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Submitting a Block request does not mean that Looker will create the requested Block, but let's us know that our customers want it. All new Block requests will be logged and prioritized by the Looker Blocks team.
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