State Orchestra Festival Application
Please complete all questions. Completion of this application does NOT constitute payment for the event. Please pay for the event at If you have more than one group, you can pay for all groups at the same time.
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This will be used for your plaque, so please be accurate. IF YOU ARE BRINGING MULTIPLE GROUPS, PLEASE COMPLETE SEPARATE APPLICATIONS FOR EACH GROUP. However, you can PAY for all groups at the same time, if you so choose.
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UMEA Member *
If you are not a member, you will have to pay a higher price (the higher price does not make you a member).
NAfME (UMEA) Membership # *
We will double check this number with NAfME to make sure it is accurate. If not a member, please write (NONE).
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Director address (home or school) *
We will send the plaque and any other items associated with this festival to this location. (Street, City, Zip)
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Director Cell Phone Number *
We need this in order to contact you regarding your performance at the festival in case of an emergency. We will not give it out to anyone. (e.g., 801-XXX-XXXX)
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Large Percussion Needs (click all that apply) *
These are the ONLY items available to be borrowed at Salem Hills High School. Any other needs will be your responsibility to bring. Remember that you will have to consider the time it takes to set up any "extra" percussion equipment as part of your 30 minute performance window. (NOT AVAILABLE: Electronic Keyboard, cymbals, snare drum, drum set, sticks, trap tables, and hand percussion)
Number of Pieces you will perform? *
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