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The Mizizi Homeschool Co-op serves to support 25-30 African-American homeschooling families each semester. Our students get the best of both worlds by joining learning cohorts twice a week. Students supplement their homeschool education with our refresher courses on math and reading as well as Pan-African History and Science. We partner with local inventor Jocari Beattie of Jobe Products to offer science. Reading is taught by the award winning program Decode, led by educator and founder LaToya Whitlock. Art is taught by SPEED Museum resident artist, Jabani Bennett. Pan-African history and our morning check ins remind our students daily of their greatness and the importance they hold in our community. Every day we focus on an Ancestor and a Pan-African leader. We pour libations, sing the Black National Anthem and say the Black Child’s pledge together to start each morning.

Our educators attend frequent workshops on Gentle Child Rearing, Play Cousins Culture and more. They implement techniques with the children that strengthen their social and emotional skills and help them work problems out among themselves or for themselves. Students are able to take breaks, move their bodies and retreat to the calm down corner as needed. Our behavior plans are tailored to each child’s needs and our small class sizes allow for personalized care and attention. We find that giving children opportunities to express themselves, learn and play as a group, and lead self-guided or team-guided activities are vital to children, especially to Black children as our culture is rooted in communal living.

Parents gather monthly to workshop issues they are having with homeschooling. They share their challenges and strengths along with resources. Through the HS Co-Op they are given access to IXL, an online learning platform where they can evaluate their child’s learning based on KY Standards for learning. In studies Kentucky schools that used IXL outperformed schools that did not. IXL's Diagnostic was found to be a good predictor of subsequent academic performance as measured by MAP Growth, with a correlation of .85 in math and .82 in ELA.This finding also held true among ELL, special education, and economically disadvantaged students. Play Cousins Collective is giving homeschooling families an academic advantage!

The program as a whole is evaluated by  BLOCStar, an initiative of Metro United way, as an out of school time program. We have consistently scored highly because of our investment in social and emotional learning, decision making and self expression.

To enroll your child fill out the form below and a Mizizi team member will reach out to you.

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A flat rate of $200 will be due before your child attends classes each month. This amount is due regardless of if classes are cancelled due to weather or covid. In instances like that classes will be held virtually. This breaks down to about $25 a day if calculating 8 sessions a month. This covers membership to the co-op which also includes the perks of IXL, guest speakers and special events.
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Mizizi Homeschool Co-Op is not a school. This program is to give home-schooled children the opportunity to practice their skills and explore their interests in a group setting. We offer social and emotional learning opportunities as well as Pan-African Studies for children. Please do not list Mizizi Homeschool Co-op as the educational entity homeschooling your child. Our program is here to support the phenomenal work parents are doing to educate their youth and provide a community around that effort!
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