As a Kāhui Ako we would like to develop a snapshot of where teachers feel they are at with regards to the implementation of the digital curriculum. The goal of this survey would be to be able to offer targeted PD and next steps. The purpose of the digital curriculum is about teaching pupils to be creative with technology, rather than simply consuming technology. This should prepare them for the modern workforce. How ready are we to implement this?
1. Do you know about the digital technologies curriculum? *
2. Have you participated in some PD around the Digital Curriculum? *
3. Have you participated in PD specifically around computational thinking? *
4. Have you completed PD specifically around designing and developing digital outcomes? *
5. Do you feel you are digitally literate? (comfortably able to use a computer as part of your daily professional life) *
6. Are you explicitly teaching skills in the digital curriculum? (eg. coding; computational thinking; robotics) *
7. Are you integrating digital curriculum skills across multiple subject areas? *
8. Are you including digital curriculum in planning? (either daily, weekly, termly) *
9. Has your school made digital curriculum and integration of digital curriculum a priority? *
10. Would you like PD made available to your school about:
Computational thinking
Digital Literacy
Integration into daily lessons
Explicit teaching of digital curriculum skills
Understanding the digital curriculum
How to introduce digital curriculum to staff
Unplugged activities
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