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Slots are full! if you want to commission me you can always fill out a form and I will get to you when my slots open again! :)
FoolishcaptainKia's Commission Info

All my prices are in USD

Commissions are a first come first serve basis, payments/communication needs to be ASAP if you want to be able to secure your spot or I may have to give the spot to someone else. Once you complete the form, I'll contact you that your commission is accepted. I'll ask you for all the information I need for the commission, which would be photo references, detailed descriptions, if you don't have photos, maybe even little stick figures if it helps you explain what you are looking for exactly! Please don't ask me to look up references, it will be quicker and easier for me to get exactly what you're looking for when you provide me these things! Once we figure out what you're looking for, I'll send you a paypal invoice. Within the invoice, there will be terms and conditions for you to read. If you have questions or concerns with anything written, don't be afraid to ask! Once the invoice is paid I will get started on your commission! I only accept paypal.

What you see here are my strengths and what I am used to drawing, this however does not mean I am not willing to try and draw other things that are not in the examples shown! The only thing I will not draw are NSFW things, celebrities/social media influencers in romantic/sexual situations or hateful content.

I work pretty fast, I can get commissions done within a week with good communication. I will be sending you updates like a sketch to approve, the first revision is free, then after that it starts to cost extra. So make sure the sketch is what you're looking for! Don't hesitate to ask me to change things!

-Payment is done upfront, I won't start a commission until the invoice is paid.
-Once the commission is started, I don't allow cancellations.
-Please let me know if you would like me to keep your commission private, I may want to either stream the process or post it on my social media!
-Additional characters will cost more.
-If you are looking to hire me as an animator for a project please email me at and we can discuss it there!
-My base commissions are ONLY to be used for personal use (non-profit). If you would like to commission me for branding/freelance work such as merchandise designs or youtube & twitch artwork, please email me for inquiries!
-If a character has lot of detail, an example could be heavy mech/armor, the prices will change due to the complexity.

If there are any other additional questions please let me know! I look forward to working with you! :)
Half Body with simple background
Full Body with simple background
Full Body with Background
More Examples of my work
If you need more examples of my work you can find them on these sites!

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