Washington Immigrant Defense Network Pilot Program- Immigration Attorney Intake
Washington Immigrant Defense Network (WIDEN) provides funding and support services for lawyers representing low-income detained immigrants to sustainably increase the capacity and quality of available legal services. As part of its support services, WIDEN teams immigration lawyers with non-lawyers and non-immigration attorneys to distribute the workload for low-income cases. Each team then works together on a specific detained immigrant’s case. By increasing the capacity and quality of legal services for detained immigrants, our goal is to grow the breadth of services provided to detained immigrants.

We are currently seeking out attorneys located in Washington State or who are admitted to the Washington State Bar Association. We are launching our pilot program to pair immigration attorneys and non-immigration attorneys together. If successful, this program will expand to cover other states and potentially other practices areas. We are looking for attorneys who do not specialize in immigration that would like to volunteer to help with the pilot program and to make WIDEN a success.

NOTE: If you are NOT an immigration attorney, please fill out the survey located HERE


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