2020 Ink and Quill Submission Form
Before submitting your work, please make sure that each piece is in a separate Google Document, format your work using the formatting guidelines listed below, and make sure that you have changed your sharing permissions to "Anyone at LSR7 with the link can Edit". Because we will go through an editing process with you using this document, you should make a working copy of the document for us and save the original for yourself.

Please fill out a Google Forms for EACH piece you submit (don't include multiple links on one form). You may submit up to five pieces of writing and five pieces of art/photography.

All submissions should be in a plain, 12-point font--Times or Arial, for example.
Each piece should have your Last Name, First Name and the title of the piece, in the top, right corner in the header position (so that it will appear on every page). Works that are multiple pages should also include page numbers.
Poetry should be single spaced and left justified but indented to be approximately centered on the page.
All other writing should be double spaced.
Visit our website for further information and examples.

Submissions can be made at any time during the school year until March 26 at 2:30 pm

If you need help or have questions, please come see Ms. Baker in room 2316 or email her at ashley.baker@lsr7.net.
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Was this piece an assignment for a class? If so, please list the teacher's name and the class for which you created it. *
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If your piece does not have a title, simply type "Untitled"
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Has your work been inspired by or is it an interpretation of previously published work? Please explain. *
This does not necessarily exclude your work from publication, but pieces that include or allude to images, characters, events, quotes, etc. from published work needs to go through an additional copyright protection review before publication. Please explain to us in what way your work includes previously published material.
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Did you share your document? *
The only option is Yes. If you don't share it, we can't see it...then you can't be published...and no one wants that. Click Share>Get Shareable Link>Copy Link and make sure it's set for "Anyone at LSR7 with the link can view". If you just copy the link from the address bar, it won't be shared automatically or with the right people.
Copy and paste the SHARED link to your Google Doc below. Each document you submit should only include ONE piece and should follow the formatting guidelines listed above. (And, did we mention, it should be SHARED using the "Anyone at LSR7 with the link can view" setting...and that you should click the "Share" button...not copy/paste from the address bar...to get the link?) *
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