Madison Vegan Fest Exhibitor Application
Thank you for your interest in being an exhibitor at Madison Vegan Fest!

Visit for more information.

To mail in your form instead of submitting online, print out this page and send the completed form with payment, to:

Center for Community Stewardship
Attn: Madison Vegan Fest
354 W. Main St., Suite 122
Madison, WI 53703

Checks should be made payable to Center for Community Stewardship. Please note Madison Vegan Fest in the memo field.

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Booth Requirements
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Conditions of Agreement
Madison Vegan Fest reserves the right to accept or decline any application at its discretion.

Each exhibitor must submit an individual application and payment. Spaces may not be combined.

Exhibitors are responsible for setup and take-down/removal of their materials.

All food sold or given away must be vegan. Vegan means no animal products: flesh, fat, broth, gelatin, egg, dairy, or honey. All exhibitors should be able to specify the origin of all product ingredients if/when asked.

Exhibitors must use compostable or recyclable packaging for food products.

All products sold or given away must be vegan, not tested on animals, and should be as environmentally friendly as possible.

All material displayed or distributed must be free from images and language that may be reasonably viewed as racist, sexist, transphobic, body shaming, or otherwise objectionable.

Graphic imagery (such as photos of farmed animals being slaughtered) is allowed, but must follow these guidelines: Any graphic imagery that attendees are forced to see is not allowed. If literature has a graphic image on the front page, we ask that it be hidden by a blank piece of paper. Graphic images inside of literature are acceptable and may still be distributed (please specify in the product description). If you have any questions, please contact us. We reserve the right to disallow any graphic imagery that does not fit within these guidelines on the day of the festival.

Photos and video of you and your exhibitor table may be used for outreach, education, marketing, or other purposes.

Should any contingency interrupt or prevent the holding of the Madison Vegan Fest, including but not limited to inclement weather, war, terrorism, or lockouts, the event coordinators and Madison Vegan Fest shall in no way be liable to exhibitors. Should any contingency prohibit the event from taking place as scheduled, event coordinators will make their best effort to reschedule the event on a weekend day as near to the original date as possible, but there is no guarantee the fest will be rescheduled.

Exhibitors agree to make no claim for any reason against event coordinators or the Madison Vegan Fest for theft, damage, or destruction of goods, or for injury to themselves, employees, volunteers, or visitors incurred at the event.

Please read each of the conditions above. Enter your initials if you accept all of the conditions above. *
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