North Creek Forest Master Plan Programming & Activities Survey
Thank you for participating in this survey to help develop North Creek Forest. We would like to hear your thoughts about activities that could happen here, as well as the amenities to support those activities.

To see a map of the site and some of the existing and proposed features for the forest, click here:

Some quick facts about the forest before we begin:

* North Creek Forest is 64 acres of mixed conifer forest
* Native trees like Big Leaf Maple, Douglas Fir, and Western Red Cedar make up the majority of the tree canopy
* It has 9 wetlands and 7 streams
* It is home to many bird species including owls and pileated woodpeckers
* Much of the forest is steeply sloped at, or over, 35% grade
* Many individuals and organizations have participated in environmental education activities, environmental research, and contributed thousands of volunteer hours in forest restoration activities and fundraising to make this park accessible to the public!

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