Bayern vs Augsburg (Bundesliga MD8)
In order to try and get us all on the same page, I thought I'd add a small 'legend' to base your grading off of.

For players:
10/10 = Your Man of the Match. Please only give only one "10" rating.
7, 8, 9/10 = Consider this a player who is either a.) consistently one of the top performers throughout the match OR b.) a player who had one of the biggest impacts on the game but not quite a Man of the Match-level performance.
4, 5, 6/10 = Consider a 5/10 to be perhaps your starting point. Nothing amazing, nothing too bad either. A player with an overall good game with just a few mistakes might take it down to a 4/10; a player with an overall good game with just a few special moments might get a 6/10.
2, 3/10 = a below average performance. A player who has made a lot of mistakes or who has made mistakes that had a big impact on the result.
1/10 = abject performance. A player whose actions directly caused a loss or severely negatively impacted our play. The opposite of Man of the Match.

For the manager:
10/10 = Tactical masterclass. A mistake-free performance. Made all the right changes, had all the right tactics, starting XI, substitutions, etc.
7, 8, 9/10 = an above-average coaching performance. Had the starting XI right or made some important changes that helped us to win. Some mistakes, but the good outweighs the bad.
4, 5, 6/10 = An okay performance. Did not do much to help or hurt the team. A few small changes that helped could lead to a 6/10 whereas a few small changes that hurt (or failure to make some small changes) could lead to a 4/10.
1, 2, 3/10 = a below-average coaching performance. Bad starting XI, bad subs, wrong tactics, failure to adjust, underprepared, out-coached, etc. A game in which the manager's decisions caused us to lose OR one in which we draw or win *in spite of* coaching decisions.
Manager Rating: Niko Kovac *
Starting XI Rating: Lewandowski *
Starting XI Rating: Gnabry *
Starting XI Rating: Coutinho *
Starting XI Rating: Coman *
Starting XI Rating: Martinez *
Starting XI Rating: Thiago *
Starting XI Rating: Pavard *
Starting XI Rating: Hernandez *
Starting XI Rating: Kimmich *
Starting XI Rating: Neuer *
Substitute Rating: Alaba* *
*You'll note I've left off Sule from "Starting XI Ratings" as he was withdrawn after just 12 minutes.
Overall Team Performance *
Miserable, worst showing of the season
Near-perfect. Amongst the best performances of the season.
State of the club: What is your current worry/panic level? *
Not at all worried
Freaking out, very worried!
Your overall confidence in Niko Kovac is: *
How has your overall 'mood' regarding the team changed? *
Bonus question: Should Muller be playing more frequently?
Clear selection
Bonus question: Just for fun, let's assume the club is able to sign Leroy Sane in Summer 2020. If the club had to make one more big move in Summer 2020, they should....
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