What influences a commercial stud's choice of weaning method?
My name is Alice Evans and I am a student at Moreton Morrell Campus, part of Warwickshire College Group. As part of my second year studies, I am researching 'What influences a commercial stud's choice of weaning method' as part of my final year investigative project.

The questionnaire should take 5-10 minutes to complete. There is no obligation to complete the questionnaire, even if you agree now and you may terminate your participation at any stage; answers won't be recorded unless submitted.

All answers are completely confidential and will not be used elsewhere.
By choosing to partake in the questionnaire, you agree to all answers being used within my research project, and also to being aged 18 or over.

Should you have nay questions or concerns, please feel free to contact myself on eva14438349@student.warwickshire.ac.uk or my module leader at rjpowell@warwickshire.ac.uk.

This questionnaire is part of an approved piece of research towards the Warwickshire
College degree of BSc(Hons) Equine Science.

Approved by Module Leader, Rhiannon Powell

1) Are you;
2) How are you involved in a commercial stud?
3) Approximately how many foals are born per year?
Your answer
4) What is the purpose of breeding?
5) Do you wean yourself or send the mares/ foals off elsewhere?
6) Do you wean artificially or do you leave the mares to wean foals as and when they are ready?
7) If yes, at what age do you begin to wean foals?
8) Do you wean all foals the same way?
9) If no, what influences your choice of weaning method?
10) What method of weaning do you most commonly use?
11) Which environment do you most commonly use to house the weanling/s?
12) How is the weanling first kept once the mare is removed?
13) Have you ever researched weaning methods?
14) Do past experiences influence how you manage the mare/s and foal/s during the weaning period?
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