The European Level: Share your Thoughts
Dear AEGEEans,

With the Agora coming closer, where you will have the opportunity to apply for several positions on the European Level, we would like this opportunity to take the time to listen to your thoughts on the European Level.

For some the European Level is scary, for some wonderful, and some don't know enough about it to determine whether or not they want to take any position (non-Agora elected and Agora elected).

We want to hear what you think we can or should do to make the European Level closer to you as our member. Perhaps you want to see certain things implemented in the next months in order to see whether any position on the European Level is something for you or you have thoughts on what we should improve.

Good to note, no question in this form is mandatory, but with your input we will see what changes we can make, what things we can implement and what things we can share with some of the different bodies we have so they also see the perspective from the Local Level. So any input you provide is highly valuable.

After we have collected all input, we will use this to see which improvements can be made in regards to the connection between the Local and European Level as well as how you would like to see the promotion of the Agora Elected positions for which you can candidate next Agora

For any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at


Comité Directeur 59
Frederick, Teddy, Teodora and Veronika
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What is your first association when you hear "European Level" in AEGEE?
How do you find out about (opportunities on) the European Level?
Have you ever applied or would you ever apply for a position on the European Level?
If not, please explain why.
What do you like about the European Level of AEGEE?
Is there something you would like to see differently in regards to the European Level of AEGEE?
Feel free to be as detailed as possible.
Do you have any other comments?
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