Just Action Talks Presenter Interest Form
Dear Sustainability Professionals,

Thank you for your interest in providing a 30-60 minute informational webinar for K-12 students on your career in sustainability. By completing the below form, you will provide us with some basic information to help us reach out to you to schedule a date and time for your event.

We hope that a virtual Q&A with you will help budding sustainability scholars and activists to think about the following questions:

* What career options are there in the field of sustainability?
* What is each of those jobs like day-to-day?
* What is the most fun part of each of those jobs?
* What is the most challenging part of those jobs?
* What skills or experiences do I need to get that job?
* What questions do I have about these jobs?
* Am I interested in these jobs?

After you submit this form, we will follow-up to provide full support in planning and executing your webinar. You webinar will help schools to meet career readiness academic standards and we hope it will generate a buzz about the sustainability field.

We especially appreciate your volunteer time right now as we look for the best ways to support K-12 schools as they have transitioned to virtual learning during the Covid-19 outbreak. We wish you well in this challenging time as well.

Warm Regards,

Kelly Henderson
Eden Hall Campus K-12 Program Manager
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