BSP Program Request Form- Spring 2018
Thank you for your interest in bringing The Bird School Project to your school. Whether you are a continuing teacher with us or if you are new to our program, we are so grateful for your invitation to work with your students. This form is helpful for us to stay organized and offer a customized program to you. Please take the time to fill it out and let us know about your specific needs and requests regarding our program. We look forward to working with you!
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Please tell us the exact schedule we will have each week complete with times, teacher names, and amount of students in each class.
Please use this format:
Period 1: 8:00-9:00- Mr. Feldstein- 28 students
Period 2: 9:00-10:00- Mr. Feldstein- 28 students/Mr. Condon- 27 students
Period 3: 11:00-12:00- Mr. Condon- 27 students
Please write your complete schedule below: *
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Please note your preferences for when you would like us to facilitate our 4-week life science unit. Check all options that you would be willing to have us. You may e-mail us specific requests.
Is there somewhere besides your schoolyard where you would like us to go birding with your students? We generally work on school grounds, but if you have a nearby green space within walking distance you would like us to go to, we could lead our walks there.
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Are there classroom management practices or routines specific to your class that we should know about (e.g. how do you get students quiet? Do you have a start of class routine? Need time for morning announcements? etc.)
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Please tell us about where we might fit in to your curriculum and specific topics and/or standards you would like us to try and tie into our lessons.
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Have we confirmed a payment plan with you and your school? If not, how can we help you to achieve one? *
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Please check your top 4 priorities for what we offer to your students (Note: we can do more than 4 of these things but are just trying to get a sense of your priorities)
Do the students have access to personal laptops or tablets that could be used for Bird School?
Is there anything in particular we should know about your school or class before we arrive?
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What are you hoping to personally learn more about regarding natural history, birds, or conservation?
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