Atlantic White Cedar 2017-2018
Middle School Post-Program Survey
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1. Which statement is true about wetlands? *
2. Which statement best describes the effect of sediment on water quality? *
3. Which statement best describes stormwater runoff? *
4. What role do trees play within a food web/chain? *
5. How many states are in the Chesapeake Bay watershed? *
6. Atlantic White Cedar trees grow primarily in what kind of wetland? *
7. Which statement best describes an invasive species? *
8. Wetlands are an example of a... *
Check one answer for each of the following statements. *
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Most people in my community need to understand some science, so the environment can be protected.
People who live many miles away are not able to affect the Chesapeake Bay.
I enjoy exploring nature.
It is my responsibility to help protect my local watershed.
I take steps in my daily life to reduce waste.
Time volunteering to help the environment is time well spent.
In the future, I will volunteer to help clean-up the Chesapeake Bay.
In a few sentences, describe what you have learned from the program:
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