Bayside PTA Student Club Advisor Program Application 2019-2020
Please fill out the Bayside PTA Student Club Advisor Program Application for 2019-2020 if you are interested in starting up a club at Bayside Academy. For the first ten clubs that applied and are approved, the PTA will provide a total stipend of $400 (for clubs that meet at least 25 times) at the end of the year for the teacher(s) serving as the advisor(s) to the club. Stipend will be prorated for clubs that meet less often. The Student Club Advisor Survey must be completed in order to receive a stipend. Teachers can receive a max of $400 via stipend. The teacher(s) may also receive PTA reimbursement for club supplies up to $300. If you have any questions, please contact Nick Hoh at
Name(s) of the club advisor(s) *
Club may have one or more teacher advisors
Name of club *
Meeting Location *
If you need a location please fill in that info below and we will try to help find a location.
Meeting Days *
What days does the club meet? (e.g. Mondays or Mondays and Wednesdays, etc.)
Meeting Time *
Meeting frequency *
How often does the club meet? (e.g. once a week, once a month, etc.)
Club's Purpose *
Brief explanation of the goals of the club, why are you starting this club?
Club's Activities *
What activities will be carried out at club meetings, what will be accomplished?
Joining Criteria *
Who will be allowed to join this club? (e.g. certain students (explain), any student, first-come first-served, etc.)
Maximum number of members *
Other club rules
Will there be club expenses? If so, please estimate the yearly cost. *
Club advisor(s) may apply for PTA reimbursement to cover club expenses.
Will the club be involved in representing Bayside offsite? If so, what are the means for transportation? *
Do you plan to leave Bayside as part of club activities?
Will the club need parent volunteers? If so, briefly explain *
How many? How often? PTA may be able to help you solicit volunteers.
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