Medical Freedom Protectors - Leadership Team Member Request Form
Hello, fellow advocate of Health & Medical Freedom!

We appreciate your interest in wanting to join the MFP (Medical Freedom Protectors) Leadership Team!

Members of the MFP Leadership Team get to take part in the operations of the organization, and in reaching its mission and goals.

We are a powerful and beautiful team, growing by the day!

Our vision is to see a world where all nations, communities, institutions, businesses, organizations and individuals honor each and every one of our human and natural rights. We believe in Health & Medical Freedom FOR ALL! We consider us all to be sovereign beings with the right to choose for ourselves when it comes to our own life, body & wellbeing. In addition to bodily sovereignty we are a strong stand for choice and a separation between "medical schools" and State - we believe all the schools of medicine should have an equal seat at the table of medicine, and that none shall be in an unwholesome relationship with our governing bodies or other institutions of power. We are here to bring an end to medical tyranny now!
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