2023 South Wedge Market Share Registration
For full market share details, please visit https://www.swfm.org/marketshare.html.

Here are the basics:
We are offering 30 market shares to start the season.  28 of the market shares were sold during the presale portion which currently leaves us with 2 market shares available (possibly more).  We will be having registrations for these final 2 shares available from 8am on 3/31/2023 to 8am on 4/1/2023 and will award those shares via a lottery for everyone that registers.  Anyone who does not receive a market share will be placed on a waiting list chronologically from their registration form.  Any additional shares or shares that are forfeited will be offered to those on the waiting list.

Brief market share details: 
Prices: Single $20, Couple $40, Family $65 each week to be paid in one payment (6% discount if paid in one payment) or monthly which will be due on the 2nd to last Thursday of each month (for example, July's payment is due June 22nd).  You can pay by cash, check, or any online payment (5% convenience fee will be added).  SNAP benefits can be used, but you will have to make payment at the market by purchasing tokens and then using the tokens to pay for your market share once a month by the deadline posted.

Everyone will get reusable market bags and that price will be included in your first month's fee.  Single and couple shares will get 2 bags, family will get 4.  You will need to return the bags each week when you pick up your share so they can be used the following week.

What will be in your market share: 
Produce and Fruit will be allotted 35 to 55% of the funds
Bread will be allotted 10 to 15% of the funds
Baked goods will be allotted 10 to 15% of the funds
The remaining funds will be add on items that you select from a list ahead of time (once a month) offered by vendors at the market.  We will have default add on items each week in case you do not make your selection.

If you do have any questions prior to registering, please reach out to chadflint33@gmail.com for more information.
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Email *
Which level market share are you purchasing (remember, these can be paid monthly)? *
Market share pickup will be from 5 to 7pm during regular market hours. Will you be picking up your market share or are you ordering delivery?  Delivery is $10 per week and your market share will be dropped off by your front door between 7:30pm and 8:30pm by a member of our market staff. *
Dietary Restrictions *
How often have you shopped at the market in the past? *
Would you like a text reminder to pick up your market share every Monday around lunch time? *
Market shares are designed to bring your local products including local in season fruit and produce.  You must understand, that growing seasons are short and many things will only be available for a short time frame during the season.  We are not offering an exchange or swap program this season so as to not overwhelm our staff during our first market season.  We will do our best to offer a variety, but the decisions of the market staff on what will be included in the market shares is final and non negotiable (aside from dietary restrictions). *
Your first payment (or full season payment) will be due 10 days after invoices are sent out.  Failure to make this payment will result in forfeiture of your market share and it will be assigned to the next person on the waiting list.  If you have any concerns or need to discuss different arrangements, you will need to contact us immediately when notification of awarded shares are given out *
If you choose to make monthly payments, you must make each payment by the next to last Monday of each month.  Failure to meet this deadline will result in forfeiture of your market share and it will be assigned to the next person on the waiting list. *
If you fail to return your reusable bags at pickup each week so they can be reused the next week, you will have an additional bag fee that must be paid prior to your next market pickup (unless you make arrangements to return your bags by Monday of that next week). *
Market shares will not be brought to your vehicle and there will not be a drive through service offered.  You will need to park your vehicle, exit the vehicle, walk to the designated market share pickup location (that will remain consistent each week) and carry your market share back to your vehicle.  

**If you elect to have your share delivered and pay your fee, it will be dropped off at the designated location each week for you**
Once you pay for your market share, refunds will not be offered (full or partial) unless we are able to find someone else to take over your market share.  Please keep this in mind when placing your order for a market share. *
In the event you are not able to pick up your market share during the season, you are able to transfer that week (or weeks) to someone else by sending an email to let us know who will pick it up, or you can opt to donate it to the local food pantry in the Neighborhoods of the Arts located on Atlantic Ave (market staff will deliver the share to the food pantry). *
Market staff will ask you to show ID to pick up your market share (just to make sure we do not give market shares to the wrong person).  While market staff will do their best to recognize our regulars, please always have your ID available each and every week just in case.  Market staff could potentially change on a given week without notice, so even if market staff knew who you were the previous week, still have your ID with you. *
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