At-Home Editing Application
We create and edit articles for our clients that focus on industry-related topics, which we then post online. These articles are intended to help build our clients' online credibility and boost their SEO, or search engine optimization.

You would be editing our standard articles, which are about 400 words long and pay $1 per review. The editing is mostly copyediting, but occasionally it requires some light reorganization or substantive editing. Our at-home team currently averages 4 minutes a review, which comes to about 15 reviews per hour. We have no minimum requirement for the number of edits you need to complete, nor do we have a set schedule associated with our work. You are welcome to edit on any day and at any time you want, and you can do as much or as little as you want.

We do have a quality assessment system in place for reviews, and our editors are required to maintain an average of 4 out of 5, although there we do have a grace period when you first begin editing. Since freelancers are independent contractors, we don't officially train our at-home editing team, but we do share several resources with applicants who pass the test to help them understand our system/rubric.
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