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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Real Food Campaign Community Partner!

We are currently developing our 2021 programs. Please fill out the survey below and a Real Food Campaign staff member will reach out to you this spring with more specific information and will help you decide which program may be right for you.

You can find all the measurements we'll be taking here:

If you have any questions, please contact me at:


Emily Brady
Citizen Science Partner Program Manager

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What is your name?
We are trying to get samples from a wide range of locations and management types. Which of the following locations and management types can you collect from between May - Nov 2021?
Be honest with yourself - don't say you'll do something you really can't do :) ! * regenerative is farming which engages in practices focused primarily on building soil, ecosystems, watersheds, as a way to increase yield/quality and decrease costs/effort.
On-farm sampling
Farmers Markets sampling
Store sampling
On average, how many different sampling locations could you visit per week/bi-weekly? *
eg two locations would be: two stores OR one store and one farm OR two farmers markets... etc.
Do you have connections to conventional farmers who grow one or more of the above crops in your area? *
We ask this because it's difficult to collect on-farm samples from conventional farms. We will create a sampling regime for you with more conventional farm samples if you have access to them, because many data collectors will not. Without a broad and full survey representing a wide range of farms, our collaborative project will not be effective in identifying + differentiating practices that produce high nutritional content, so this is an important piece!
You will use a smartphone to collect sample data. Do you have a smartphone? *
Shipping Address *
We will send you sample bags/containers as well as a starter kit which will include a soil sampler and other things to help you get started.
Phone number *
So we can follow up if needed!
Are you interested in collecting more samples at one time (filling a cooler box of samples), rather than one or two samples per week/bi-weekly? *
Instead of sampling every 1-2 weeks you could sample all at once, 1 time per month. This may be easier for some people, and can make a fun community party. If you have a reflectometer, you can also collect reflectometer data at the same time.
Do you have additional testing, questions, or collaborations you want to work on? Tell us and we'll help you coordinate, or email us and see if your idea may work -
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