This Report is for the 2016-17 fiscal year ending April 30, 2017.

Your report is due by Tuesday, May 31, 2017.

You will note that there are two sections this year:
(1) Local NMI President's Report
(2) Elected Delegates to the District NMI Convention

It is vital that you report the names of your Delegates to the District NMI Convention, as the Name Badges given to the Delegates will be printed from these lists. Each Name Badge will be color coded, and only those with Name Badges will be allowed to vote.

VERY IMPORTANT: Delegates must also be registered on the District website - this is the link to that page: http://www.dallasnaz.com/#/district-assembly-2017/delegate-registration

Your email address is required as you begin this report. If you do not have an email address, then please use the email address of someone who will retrieve emails sent to you from the Dallas District NMI leaders. NOTE: a copy of this report will also be sent to your email address.

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Also, the forms that make up this online report document - Local NMI President's Report and Delegates to District NMI Convention - can be downloaded and printed from the Global NMI website at: http://nmi.nazarene.org/10148/story.html OR you may request paper forms be mailed or emailed to you by contacting Christel.

If you choose to complete the paper forms, then mail the completed forms in enough time for Christel to receive them no later than May 20, 2017 so that she can input the information from the paper report to this document - mail to Christel Stokely: 424 Pecan Court, Jefferson, TX 75657.

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* Required Information

For detailed instructions on how to complete this form, please click on the link below:

Your Church Name *
Choose the name of your church (only "organized" churches are listed, unless we are aware that your CTM has an active NMI)
Mission Area *
Select your Mission Area from the list. Check with your pastor or see the District Journal if unsure which Mission Area your church is in. Click on this link to go to the 2016 Dallas District Journal: http://nazarene.org/sites/default/files/doclib/dj2016/Dallas%202016.pdf It should "redirect" you and then give you the option to "Open" the document. The document should open at the bottom of page 10, at the title "Mission Areas" - if it does not, then scroll down to the bottom of page 10 - the list is continued on page 11. NOTE: all Cowboy Churches are in Mission Area 7.
Church Year *
Click to confirm current year just ending
Please coordinate with pastor and give him/her the totals for 1 and 2. The correct totals are to be entered on the pastor's report to the assembly. You will need to coordinate with him/her to insure correct totals. If the pastor's report differs from your report, it will be the figure on the pastor's report that is used, so please get with your pastor and make sure the numbers match.
1. Number of NMI Members *
This will be church members - include all children, youth, and adult who are exposed to missions in your church
Your answer
2. Number of NMI Associate Members *
This will be regular attendees who are not members of the local church - include children, youth, and adult. Enter 0 if no associate members
Your answer
Indicate accomplishment in each of the Mission Priority One functional areas of: Praying; Discipling; Giving; Educating
3. Praying
Prayed for leaders, missionaries, churches, and for the Holy Spirit to draw all people to Christ
Choose "Yes" or "No"
4. Discipling
Mentored and involved all people, including children and youth, in the mission of the church to make Christlike disciples in the nations
Choose "Yes" or "No"
5. Giving
Devoted ourselves and our resources, including giving to World Evangelism Fund (WEF), to build the Lord's Kingdom. World Evangelism Fund paid in full (5.5% of current income sent in for World Evangelism Fund).
Choose "Yes" if your church accomplished 5.5% of current income sent in for WEF, otherwise "No"
6. Educating
Educated, informed, and involved our people in the mission of the church using every means available.
a. Educating: Use of multimedia Resources *
(a) Used multimedia mission resources such as videos from World Mission DVD or downloaded from Nazarene Media Library, World Mission Broadcast Facebook, and/or mission publications such as Living Mission, Engage Magazine, Nazarene News Service, Holiness Today.. Choose "Yes" or "No"
b. Educating: Promoted Mission Books/Tapes/CDs. *
Promoted NMI Mission Books/Tapes/CDs. Choose "Yes" or "No"
Number of books read: *
Your answer
c. Educating: Participated in service projects and activities *
Participated in mission service projects or activities such as, but not limited to, One Heart Many Hands, Work & Witness, Nazarene Disaster Response, Service at a Compassionate Ministries Center, Assembling Crisis Care Kits or School Paks, Commission Unto Mexico, YouthService, ROAM. Choose "Yes" or "No"
d. Educating: Attended a Mission Service with a missionary speaker or mission emphasis *
Attended a service with a mission emphasis, such as a deputation service, district NMI convention, children/youth camp, 30 hour famine, etc. Choose "Yes" or "No"
6. Educating Summary: Participation in all four categories *
If "Yes" was chosen for all four (6a, 6b, 6c, 6d) above, then choose "Yes". If any category was "No" then choose "No" below.
If you answered "Yes" to all lines 3 through 6, you are a Mission Priority One church. If so, Choose "Yes".
8. Is your church a World Evangelism Church of Excellence (5.7%)? *
Sent at least 5.7% of current income for World Evangelism Fund or $1,500 more than 5.5% (whichever is less) Please use care in determining your level of accomplishment. Check with your pastor to make sure.
9. Alabaster Offering Sent *
10. World Mission Broadcast Offering Sent *
11. Missionary Care Participation *
Participated in any of the following: LINKS, Missionary Health Care Offering, Missionary Christmas Fund, Memorial Roll, Distinguished Service Award, Gifts From the heart
Memorial Roll
The Memorial Roll, established in 1919, is a way to honor the memory of deceased friends and loved ones. A certificate is purchased and may be presented to a family member, or displayed in the church. Churches or individuals may purchase as many Memorial Roll Certificates as desired. Those memorialized need not be members of the church. Funds from purchases of Memorial Roll Certificates are used for missionary health care.
Number of Memorial Roll Certificates presented: *
Numerical number of Memorial Roll Certificates presented (ex: 2, not two)
Your answer
Names of persons for whom Memorial Roll Certificates were presented: *
Report Memorial Roll Certificates purchased and presented during the church year of report. Please type the first and last name of the recipient as you want it listed in the convention program presentation. If no Memorial Roll certificates were presented, type "none" .
Your answer
Distinguished Service Award
The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is a tribute to church people who are living for their service to the church. Although the DSA is given through Nazarene Missions International, it need not be given for service in the area of missions. A church may honor anyone in the church for their service through the purchase and presentation of a DSA. The DSA may only be given by a church or a group within the church. Individuals may not give this award. Funds from purchases of DSA are used for missionary health care.
Number of Distinguished Service Awards Presented: *
Numerical number of Distinguished Service Awards (Ex: 2, not two)
Your answer
Names of persons to whom Distinguished Service Award(s) DSA were presented this year: *
Report DSA purchased and presented during the church year being reported. Please type first and last name(s) as you want shown in the convention program presentation. Separate each certificate name by a semi-colon (;) and a space. If no DSA were presented, enter "None"
Your answer
12. Great Commission Testimony - Share Your Story *
Please describe below any event, or involvement that you think noteworthy, that you would like to share of how your local congregation participated in the Great Commission in support of our Nazarene mission to "make Christlike disciples in the nations" during this past year. Include Work & Witness participation, special outreach, youth mission involvement, etc.
Your answer
(Even if no change)

NOTE: Please bring a printed list of other local NMI officers with you to the District NMI Convention, and turn that in at Registration

NMI President First Name *
Enter First Name
Your answer
NMI President Last Name *
Enter Last Name
Your answer
Mailing Address
Your answer
Street address if different from mailing address
Your answer
Your answer
State *
Your answer
Zip Code *
Your answer
Email Address
Most correspondence will be via email. If you have no email, please give the email address of someone who will receive messages for the president . Please give a complete email address in the following format: sample@hotmail.com
Your answer
Home Phone
Home phone of NMI President
Your answer
Cell Phone
Cell/Mobile phone of NMI President
Your answer
Signed *
Name of local NMI President or the person completing the report
Your answer
Email address of person completing Report *
Your answer

VERY IMPORTANT: Delegates must also be registered on the District website - this is the link to that page: http://www.dallasnaz.com/#/district-assembly-2017/delegate-registration

Membership of the District NMI Convention (See NMI Constitution, Article VI, Section 2.A.3):

1. Ex officio members: shall be district NMI Council; district superintendent; all assigned ministers and full-time salaried associate ministers of local churches; lay members of the district advisory board; the local NMI presidents of the assembly year just ending, and newly elected NMI presidents or newly elected vice presidents if the newly elected president cannot attend; Global NMI Council member; retired assigned ministers; retired missionaries; missionaries on home assignment; and missionary appointees; and any former district NMI presidents who reside on the district that they served.

2. Elected delegates: shall be NMI members (15 years of age or older) of each local church. The number of elected delegates shall be based on the following formula: two delegates (excluding associate members) from each local NMI of 25 members or fewer, and one additional delegate for each additional 25 members or major portion thereof. Membership shall be based on the NMI membership reported at the local NMI annual meeting when elections take place. The local NMI nominating committee shall nominate delegates.

Pastor *
Type senior pastor's name or interim/supply pastor if appropriate
Your answer
NUMBER of Primary NMI Delegates Elected *
Enter the numerical number of Delegates elected (Ex: 2, not two)
Your answer
NAMES of Elected Delegates (In Order of Election) *
Type names in order of election. Type first and last name. #1 should be listed as the person with the most votes, #2 should be listed as the person with the 2nd most votes, #3 should be listed as the person with the 3rd most votes, etc., until all elected delegates are listed. Separate names by a semicolon (;) and a space.
Your answer
NUMBER of Alternate Delegates Elected *
Numerical number of Alternate Delegates Elected (Ex: 2, not two)
Your answer
NAMES of Elected Alternate Delegates (In order of election) *
Type the names in order of election. Type first and last name. #1 should be listed as the person with the most votes, #2 should be listed as the person with the 2nd most votes, #3 should be listed as the person with the 3rd most votes, etc., until all elected alternates are listed. Separate names by a semicolon (;) and a space.
Your answer
NUMBER of Ex officio Delegates from your church
Enter Total number of ex officio delegates
Your answer
NAMES of Ex officio Members of NMI Convention (Other than Pastor and NMI President) *
See instructions above for who are officio delegates from your church
Your answer
Before going any further, please scroll back through your responses, and make sure that you have answered all questions. Questions identified with an asterisk (*) must have a response or your report will not submit.

VERY IMPORTANT: Delegates must also be registered on the District website - this is the link to that page: http://www.dallasnaz.com/#/district-assembly-2017/delegate-registration

YOU WILL BE EMAILED A COPY OF YOUR REPORT, but if you want to print it now, you must do so before clicking the "Submit" button
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