Invigilator Research Network
The Invigilator Research Network is a working group of invigilators who are also artists. We are curious about the working conditions of others involved in our precarious line of work. In producing this survey, we aim to gather data to be shared as a common resource among invigilators across the UK - by invigilators for invigilators.
All data will be anonymised before publication.

If you work as an invigilator at more than one workplace, please fill in the questionnaire separately for each workplace. For example if you work for two separate galleries, please fill in the questionnaire twice.

How long have you been an invigilator?
Is this present or past employment?
If past please give the year this information was last known to be correct
Your answer
How many galleries/museums do you currently invigilate for?
What are the name/s of this/these organisations?
Your answer
If you have multiple workplaces, choose one: is this a commercial or public organisation?
What is your pay per hour? (If you work voluntarily please state the terms of your employment eg. if travel expenses are paid)
Your answer
How do you get paid?
Are you paid hourly, weekly or monthly?
If you have a contract, how many hours are you contracted to work?
Your answer
Do you receive:
How many hours have you worked this week?
How many hours do you expect on average?
Are you part of a union
If yes, which union?
Your answer
Do you have jobs outside of invigilation?
Where and what are these jobs?
Your answer
Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?
Are you an:
Do you also earn money through your creative practice?
Do you use invigilation to supplement this?
Are you currently studying?
What level of formal education do you have?
How long do you plan on continuing to work as an invigilator?
Would you like to gain other positions within Galleries/Museums?
Do you think this is a possibility within the organisation/s you currently work at?
How many hours do you spend standing per day?
How many hours do you spend sitting per day?
While invigilating do you spend time:
What are you technically allowed to do?
How much do you feel valued in your workplace?
Not at all
Very much
How much do you look forward to going to work in the morning?
Not at all
Very much
How much do you care about the objects you look after?
Not at all
Very much
Do you believe the organisation provides adequate training?
If not, what would be useful to be trained in? (eg. curator tour/first aid/access best practice)
Your answer
Have you been dissuaded from expressing political opinions at work?
Do you believe invigilating is useful to your creative practice?
If so, how?
Your answer
Have you ever used your experience of invigilating to inform your artwork?
If you are happy to, would you link us to this/these artwork/s?
Your answer
What do you enjoy about invigilating?
Your answer
What would you change about your job?
Your answer
Is there anything we haven't asked that you would like to share about your experience as an invigilator?
Your answer
If you would like to be notified of the outcome of this survey & other IRN activities please provide your email address and we will add you to our mailing list:
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