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Ms. Curry is your counselor if your last name begins with letters (Lef-Re).

It is our goal to help all students develop a schedule that supports their needs, interests, abilities, and future plans. Students and their parents/guardians must carefully consider course selections during the registration process that occurs every spring for the following school year. It is during spring CRF that students have the best chances of getting the courses they most want to take.

In fairness to all students, the following parameters must be followed when submitting a schedule change request:

*Computer errors (missing a class, 2 periods the same)
*Inappropriate placement / Failed a recommended prerequisite
*Do not have the recommended prerequisite
*Medical need (requires official documentation)

Not all requests for schedule changes can be honored. Examples of requests not honored are:
*Changing teachers
*Changing class periods
*Changing to a different elective
*Moving off roll periods to other periods (i.e. 1st period off to 4th period off after school has started - the 1st period real class would already be full in a situation like this)
*Requesting classes with friends
*Switching due to activities participation
*Student changing their mind about a class originally requested (at some point [summer] schedules have to be built and then classes are filled once created)
*Dropping AP or Honors courses after summer.

Students who submit a schedule change request will see the outcome of their request by the first day of class for that term. You should check your Synergy account the first day of class each quarter. Do not email to check on this request, your parents will receive a copy of this request to confirm it was received.

In rare instances, students acquire new information during the first term which may make a mid-year schedule change appropriate. Students who find themselves in this situation must complete the online Schedule Change Request Form. Counselors and administrators will review these schedule changes on a case-by-case basis.

If you have other schedule questions or concerns, please stop into the counseling office or contact your school counselor.

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