Worthington Cultural Council Survey
In order to better serve our community, the Worthington Cultural Council is asking Worthington residents to fill out a brief questionnaire about the kinds of cultural programs they would like to see funded by the WCC. All responses will be anonymous and confidential. Please include your zip code at the bottom.
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1) What kinds of community events do you enjoy? Check all that apply:
2) Which of the following would you like the Worthington Cultural Council to focus on funding activities for? Check all that apply:
3) How do you hear about local activities? Check all that apply:
4) How would you like to hear about local activities? Check all that apply:
5) Is there anything that hinders your ability to participate in/attend programs? If so, what? Check all that apply:
Do you experience any accessibility issues (please specify below)
6) Please add any additional comments you might have. Please include your zip code here.
Thank you for participating! We appreciate your input and will do our best to honor the information you have provided.
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