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Peru is going to the IQA World Cup 2021 in Richmond, US!
We have been playing quidditch in Peru for four years, and to participate in a World Cup has always been an important goal for us. Become a part of our road to Richmond!

🔥 Why we need your support:
Travelling to the United States for a tournament is an economical challenge for us. Most of our players are students with no or low-wage jobs, and families are often unable to support their quidditch journey. Jobs in Peru tend to be informal, demand long hours, pay too little and with no benefits. At a full-time minimum wage job, we can earn around $240 per month.
Specific expenses of our World Cup participation include:
- US visa ($160 per player)
- Plane tickets (ca $1000 per player)
- Hotel accommodation
- Food and other local expenses

🔥 How you can help us:
Our national team jersey is just the first in a series of merchandise items, but it is the heart of who we are as a team. Learn more about the design below!

Jersey prices:
- Full kit: $50
- Without shorts: $40
- Whole Kit + Support Peru: $60

Even if you don't want a jersey, there are still ways to support us at the moment. Share our jersey with your team or national community, or send a small donation our way via Paypal. And stay tuned for our upcoming merchandise! IF YOU WANT MORE THAN ONE OPTION, PLEASE FILL OUT ONE FORM PER PAGE.

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Thank you for your help and support! Please share, so that more people can join our World Cup journey. Together we can make sure that everybody gets to live international quidditch!

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Explanation for the jersey design:
Peru is a country with an ancient culture, which has been enriched through different historical events. This is why our country has an outstanding culture, with delicious food, interesting archaeological remains and a great variety of typical dances, among others. For this year, the national team uniform is inspired by a dance called "La Diablada Puneña".

This dance represents the fight between good and evil, also between indigenous and christian religiosity, brought to the area by the Jesuits. In the dance the character "Saint Michael, the Archangel" is seen fighting against Lucifer and 7 devils who represent the deadly sins. Visually, the devils have a lot of inspiration on the "achanchus", an entity who, supposedly, inhabited the mines and guard them. It is associated with the "Virgen de la Candelaria", by a legend in which it is said that in a mine, amid fire, the Virgin Mary herself was seen fighting against the "devil's mine".

This dance is Cultural Heritage, and although it is danced in Puno, it has been represented in Bolivia and Chile, each having its own characteristics. You can enjoy this dance in the festival of "la Diablada" or "Fiesta de la Virgen Candelaria", which takes place the first week of November in Puno. It is a delight in its entirety, highlighting the outfits and masks, full of color, texture and art.

By transferring it to our national uniform, we tried to represent that fight between the ferocity of the player and fair play, aspects that represent our country within quidditch. To be humble of heart, without ever letting down your guard. Maintaining the focus on the game, but without allowing yourself to falter. The peruvian is very commited and never goes to a game without knowing that everything they have is on the table. This is how our national team is traveling, with our "cholo" strength and our clear conscience of fighting "until the last cartridge has been fired".
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