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The Virtual Exchange Program (VEP) offers K12 school educators in the US and Turkey the opportunity to internationalize their classrooms by an intercultural project-based learning course conducted by the International Education and Resource Network (iEARN). iEARN is a professional teacher training organization that facilitates the internationalization of schools around the world. Educators participating in the VEP will receive a one-year iEARN membership, access to a network of global educators and 100+ projects, professional development opportunities, and continued support for incorporating globally collaborative projects.


Courses: Both Turkish and American educators begin their virtual exchange activities by preparing project plans with educators from other countries through a facilitated online course. iEARN online courses teach educators how to align collaborative projects with their curricula and standards and facilitate dialogue, connections, and co-planning between educators.

Projects: Following the educators training program, classes join one of more than 100 collaborative projects based on their thematic interest area. Students connect with their partners through asynchronous activities that are structured to build dialogue and project-based learning in iEARN’s Collaboration Center. Weekly activities build up to a final project outcome, such as a group blog, video, photo essay, service activity, newsletter, etc. that students share with each other and their community as a product of their collaboration.

Exhibitions: As a culminating activity to the online project exchanges, participants organize local and virtual project exhibitions to showcase their work to each other and a larger audience. Local and virtual project showcases serve to document the final outcomes of the participants’ online exchange activities. Classes will also have the option of finding a time to showcase projects synchronously, so that students can present their projects to their peers through a videoconferencing connection.


Once your application is selected, you will be asked to sign up as a participant in iEARN’s VEP training course. Online course and class project exchanges will run from September 2018 through May 2019. During the online course, teachers should plan to commit about three hours a week for course readings, forum interactions and discussions, and project planning activities. The course is asynchronous. Therefore, teachers can complete activities and participate in discussions as best fits their schedule. During project exchanges, iEARN recommends one hour of instructional time for teachers and students and 30 minutes homework for continued online discussion on the forums.

The timeline for the VEP program is as below:

September 12, 2018 – welcome webinar
September 17, 2018 – iEARN platform login setup
September 24, 2018 – course start date
October 28, 2018 – course completion date
October to December 2018 - first projects begin
January to May 2019 – projects continue
May 2019 - classrooms submit final product

Applications are encouraged from educators who are:

1. Familiar and/or interested in cross-cultural collaboration
2. Able to commit to 2-3 hours a week for professional development
3. Able to work with class for 1-2 hours a week (in class and homework time) during a project exchange
4. Elementary, middle, or high school teachers of any subject area
5. Demonstrate interest and motivation for participating in a virtual exchange program


Health and Education Foundation (SEV) is a partner organization of The American Turkish Society and the sponsor of VEP which is operated by iEARN. SEV was established in 1968 by graduates of the American Collegiate institute in Izmir, Tarsus American College in Tarsus, and Üsküdar American Academy in Istanbul in order to protect the heritage of these schools which were established in the later part of the 19th century. For more information concerning SEV and its affiliated institutions, see


Please fill out all sections of this form. After completing this application, please submit it, and send a copy of your resume and a letter of support from your school to All three components of the application are needed for an application to be considered complete.

Should you be accepted, as a participant in the program, you will receive a one-year iEARN membership, access to our network of global educators and 100+ projects, partner matching with a teacher in Turkey, professional development opportunities, and continued support for incorporating global collaborative projects into your classroom.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Friday, August 31, 2018

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